So here you are. You want to ride a motorcycle, but you don’t know how to go about it. You’re not from a motorcycling family. You didn’t ride dirt bikes in the back yard or find a mini bike next to your Christmas tree. So how do you go about learning to ride?

One very good option would be to take a motorcycling riding course. The Ohio Department of Public Safety offers courses for beginning, returning and advanced riders. The best thing about the course for beginning riders (Basic Skills Riders) is that motorcycles and helmets are provided for participants.

The course is 16 hours long (They usually take place over a weekend.) You don’t need to know how to ride to participate, and successful completion of the test means you don’t have to take The BMV Motorcycle skills test.

You do need a valid temporary permit in order to take the course.  You get your temporary permit by passing a written test of at your local BMV office. For more information on the course, including how to register visit the state’s website.

Ohio isn’t the only state to offer these types of courses. Most can be found by visiting your states Department (or Bureau) of Motor vehicles website.

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