Motorcycle riding tends to have its share of toil and hardship. Mainly because you’re out in the elements, and sometimes because of the idiosyncrasies of the machines: vibrations, exposed parts – wires. Now toil and hardship might not sound like fun, and generally they aren’t while they’re happening.

But when it’s over, and you’re sitting with a group of friends, maybe over a drink or around a campfire, that’s when it’s worth it. For one thing, when you tell your friends that your gas filter broke and you had to push your bike a block to the gas station, you can “embellish” a bit. Maybe it was an hour walk in the rain. And when you got to the filling station you had to rebuild the petcock using a pocket knife, a stick and a piece of hose you found on that two hour walk.

And don’t be afraid to talk about the mistakes you made during the ride. More likely than not, your fellow riders made the same ones at some point.

“I wasn’t worried. All I had to do was switch it to reserve. Of course, when I looked down, I saw that it was already on reserve.”

“Oh man, I did the same thing just last week.”

Motorcycling can be about comradery and friendship, and the stories we tell each other about our rides can be keys to that comradery.

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